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Personalized recommendations

Increase your sales on average by 25% by displaying the right product to the right customer

Every client is searching for something different. Finding out what they seek requires a lot of analysis. But you can have it within a flesh with Quarticon’s Recommendations. Due to perfectly personalized recommedations, users come back more often and buy more!

Quarticon is a very inteligent and powerfull tool, but it is also very easy to implement and can be absolutely maintenence-free!

  • Automated cross-selling

    Delivering relevant offer provides the opportunity for deeper user's engagement. Inspire your clients to buy additional items with personalized recommendations

  • Automated trends&rankings

    Quarticon inspires new purchases by showing what others buy, which product was "mosted wanted" or "hot" today or during a defined period

  • Easy drag&drop widget studio

    Recommendation widgets can be built with an easy to use tool working as a WYSIWYG/Drag&Drop editor. Choose among predefined sets of templates optimized for higher conversion. You won't need any graphic or IT support!

Personalized Customer Experience

  • Customized promotions

    Delivering relevant offer provides the opportunity for deeper user's engagement. Inspire your clients to buy additional items with personalized recommendations

  • Send personalized e-mails

    Thanks to the information about your users gathered by Quarticon you are able to prepare personalized e-mail campaigns with product recommendations perfect for each user

  • Personalized landing pages

    Smart landing pages combine advanced analytics with an ability to dynamically change site content in real-time

Remarketing solutions

Only 2% of your clients buy during first visit - 98% need to be reminded

Remarketing can help you reach people who have previously visited your website. Your ads will appear to them as they browse other sites. They will see products they previously clicked and will have many chances to finally buy it.

In Quarticon you have remarketing engine built in together with recommendations tools. You can use them both to maximize your income!


Quarticon real-time bidding model

Reach 100% of internet users through the world's biggest ad exchanges and premium publisher's inventory
We are integrated with:
  • Campaign automation

    You don't need to worry where to buy ad space for your campaign. Our smart mechanism will do it for you: effectively and automatically

  • Reach users across devices

    Our HTML5 creation are mobile ready. Reach your customers by identifying and retargeting users across mobile devices, desktop and apps!

  • Design ads on your own

    Use easy drag&drop ad creator. Just pick any style and format you like and check what works best for your sales. You'll be able to create countless formats and variations without any support from a graphic designer

Analytics & Optimization

You can check results of the campaign at any time
  • Easy to use dashboard

    You can check results of the campaign at any time. You will see how the campaign is going, view statistical summary of income, impressions, clicks, and conversion. You can also check which strategy is proving to be the best and what's the largest ROI ratio

  • A/B testing

    eCommerce requires testing. Set A/B tests to check which recommendation framework or algorithm gives you better conversion. You can chose the best solution with just one click, based on the results

  • Optimization

    Well... It's just happens automagically!

Easy implementation & No upfront-costs

Pricing is based on the revenue we are bringing
  • Works with every e-commerce platform

    We provide pre-build plug-ins specific for your e-shop platform. It's easy to install and you are ready to go. If you need any help, our experts can do it for you.

  • Revenue share

    No upfront costs for recommendations. You only pay us if you sell more. No sales - no fee! No retargeting fees either, just provide a budget you can afford

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